Monday, 10 March 2014

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Bloomin' Spring: Giveaway #2

This biggest trend of this Spring is sweet enough to make your teeth fall out. We're gone past the pastels of

last year into what I like to call the "Sherbets".

Every line is now releasing their take on this hyper-bright, and this is Essence cosmetics range.

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Fantasy Finds: My March Wishlist

So what have I chosen this month?

Here was my list of 15 favourites....

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Confessions Of A Lifestyle Hoarder #1: TK Maxx

This is the first post in a series that I'll be doing on specific issues and organisations that are debated and 

chatted about in the beauty and lifestyle community.

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Champion Jetsetter: My favourite Travel Minis

The question that I'm asked most when I travel with friends and family is " How do you have so many outfits

and only one suitcase?".

The answer of course is that, while their makeup and wash bag take up a third of

their space, mine takes up about an eighth. And even at that, I still have more cosmetics than they do.

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Winter BOMB: Giveaway #1-      CLOSED

"I'm soo over winter!" seems to be a common sentiment I keep hearing. Me too..

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Thirst Quenching: My Current Day Creams

I know at least 4 people with more than 1 phone case. And every man I know who doesn't understand why

women hoard shoes, has at least more than 1 pair of trainers.

So, I don't see the problem with having more than 1 daily moisturiser. It's not as if they're all the same.

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Royal Trash: Empties #1

For my first beauty post I thought I'd get rid of my garbage.

Whilst rifling, I picked out my top 10 and give you a run down of the pros and cons.



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