Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Confessions Of A Lifestyle Hoarder #1: TK Maxx


This is my typical morning:

  • I wake up, brush my teeth, and use facilities
  • I check my Twitter feed and email whilst walking to the coffee shop to get my double espresso cappuccino
  • I meet the security guard - lets just say Ralph! - at the front entrance of my local shopping centre and wave a hello
  • I enter TK Maxx just as the shutter goes up, get a weird look from the morning staff, and continue to the beauty section, where i scout for the next 20 minutes, and continually ask anyone nearby if there is more stock in the back
  • Make a purchase if I find something I can't leave without, pick up my newspaper, and head home to shower.
This is no exaggeration. I shop before I shower. 

Why?.... Because this, along with some other methods, is how I afford high end beauty products, whilst 

being unemployed.

TK Maxx, or TJ Maxx in the States, if you don't know, is a discount retailer selling all drapery, home goods, 

toys, and beauty products from unknown to high end brands. Through the clothing aisles I have spotted 

brands such as Ralph Lauren, Vivianne Westwood, Chloé, and SuperDry.

There has been alot of debate about the stores policy lately. A television programme called "Dispatches", 

aired on Channel 4, a UK television station, accused the company of " exaggerating the original price of 

designer goods to make people believe they are making a larger saving than they actually are".

Also, through reading popular forums, I have seen that many people have experienced that their beauty 

products are either poorly packaged, expired, or generally in bad shape.

As regards the mark up in price, I find that that statement is more geared to the clothing and accessory items. 

And for someone like me, who has to save where I can, any reduction in price is welcomed.

As for the state of the products, I agree. Most of the items on the shelves can be expired, or split/separated, 

or torn up. But like all discount buying, you have to work to find the reward.

I live by 5 rules when it comes to buying discount:

  1. If it looks dodgy, it is dodgy. Don't buy something that on sight makes you question if the product is spoiled.
  2. Always check the expiry date, and if you can't use up the whole product before it comes up, then forget about it.
  3. Only buy sealed items. If it is not a product that has any plastic tabs or packaging, look at the product seal itself for any tampering.
  4. Don't be afraid to ask. You are the customer, it's your right to be annoying .
  5. Make the effort. Don't complain that there's never anything good there. There's a reason I head to the store before I shower - there are lunatics out there just like me who aggressively hunt for bargains. You've all seen them in the January sales! 

For any of you doubting Thomas, here's what I found this morning on my scout:

Dr Bronner's Magic Soap  946ml (€11.80) Tk Maxx price (€5.99)

Beloved by makeup gurus everywhere for cleaning their makeup brushes, it also has 18 uses altogether. And 

its the only place in town I can find this item.

Dr Lewinn's Liquid Loofah  150ml (€18.20) TK Maxx price (€5.00)

Unbelievable scrub for before your fake tan. The minerals wake the skin up, and it leaves you so super soft 

without the oily film.

Korres Body Milk  200ml (€13.30) TK Maxx price (€6.99)

I've talked about this product in a post before. This time they had the vanilla one and the citrus one.Definitely 

on my list for the morning!

Too Faced Tanning Bed In A Tube  (€18.30) TK Maxx price (€6.99)

OK, doesn't smell the best, but great staying power for a wash off tan, and has a beautiful shimmer.

Taaj Kashemire Moisturising Cream  50ml (€17.50) TK Maxx price (€12.99)

One of those brands that most people only pick up in Paris, this cream is light while still rich in vitamins, and 

great for sensitive skin.

Macademia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo  1000ml (€34.00) TK Maxx price (€20.00)

Another Youtube beauty favourite brand. Most people love the mask, which I've seen available in the store 

too, but I love the whole line.

And my favourite find...

Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Serum 50ml (€40.69) TK Maxx price (€19.99)

Serums are my weakness. And say what you want about Olay being generic, this stuff works!

And what I bought:

S Factor True Lasting Colour Shampoo by TIGI  750ml (€27.80) TK Maxx price (€16.99)

I've used this before and it's really nourishing for newly coloured hair - which mine is - without stripping.

I don't want to be accountable for your experience with TK Maxx if it's a good or bad one from reading this 

post, and I know that there is already strong opinions out there about the company and the products they sell 

- which I would love to hear about in the comments.

I'm just writing about my experience, and how it allows me to try items that would generally be out of my 

price range

This is the first post in a series that I'll be doing on specific issues and organisations that are debated and 

chatted about in the beauty and lifestyle community. 

My next in the series will focus on Primark.

Any questions or opinions - leave a comment, or follow me on Twitter.

Chat soon,


Note: The opinions expressed in this article are genuine and my own. I do not work for, or am sponsered by TK Maxx or its affiliates.


  1. USAer here. I love TJMaxx for my candle fix! Can get Yankee, Nest, Ecoya for $10 and under!

    1. Ya the candle range are awesome. Thanks for commenting. Head over to my Twitter and be entered into the LUSH giveaway!