Thursday, 27 February 2014

Royal Trash: Empties #1

For my first beauty post I thought I'd get rid of my garbage.

Whilst rifling, I picked out my top 10 and give you a run down of the pros and cons.

10. L'Oreal Elnett Extra Strength Flexible Hold Hairspray 75ml (link in 400ml, 75ml around €3.50).

Yes, I understand that most people hate the smell. To be honest, I've never found a hairspray I actually

like the smell of. But there's a reason the say its micro-diffused. I find it perfect for curling and waving my

mid length coarse hair. I still get hold and shine, and at the end of the day my husband can run his hands

through it, wink wink..

9. Boots Coconut Body Oil 100ml (€3.49)

My local Boots is tiny, so when I found this product in Galway, I was delighted, being the oil addict that I

am. The packaging is adorable for the price point ( glass with a screw top lid), and though the smell is

predominately coconut (obviously), there is also a hint of almond and vitamin E. I tend to drench myself in

either baby oil or Bio oil and put on thick PJ's once a week for an all over treatment, and this was a less

messy ( the product is solid till you warm it in your hands), more fragrant and pleasant change.

8. Alberto Balsam Juicy Green Apple Herbal Shampoo 400ml (€1.79)

I've tried cleansing shampoos from most of the high end brands - Kérastase, L'Oreal Professional, TIGI,

Pureology etc. - but i can guarantee that two rinses with this is exactly the same. In saying that, I have very

dry, processed, thick hair, so the result may be different to those who don't. However for something I use

once every 6 washes, I'm not gonna shell out more money than i have to. In saying that, to be honest, this

product could do absolutely nothing and I would still use it for one reason alone - the smell. It is my favourite

smell in the world, not like dish soap, or reserved like DKNY Be Delicious perfume. Just BANG - apples!

And it lasts for 2 days.

7. Dove Go Fresh 48hr Anti Perspirant Deodorant in Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena  35ml (€1.46).

I got this in tesco, I think for about €1.50, so I bought 4 of them. They're tiny, and I mean decorative clutch

friendly tiny. I keep them in my bag, work locker, desk, jeans pocket... All Dove products have that

moisturising property, and though its not the most effective anti-perspirant, my pits are not that demanding,

so I'll take moisture over efficiency. This is my favourite scent. It's fresh, girly, tart, and not too sweet. It also

doesn't leave marks on clothes, so thumbs up all round.

6. The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel  250ml (€8.95)

If you haven't guessed already it's alot about the smell for me. This gel is made with strawberry seed oil, so

I'm assuming that's what the scent is. To me it's a delicious mixture of those jelly sugared love hearts and

strawberry Ribena - in other words when i was 8 and could stay out late in the summer evening. Ok,  its not

exactly moisturising, and the squeezy bottle is stiff so its hard to get the product at the end of the bottle.But

morning or evening, this shower gel puts a smile on my face. Vibrant colour and totally edible!

5. Korress Mint Tea Body Milk 200ml (€13.30)

I found this on one of my excursions to TK Maxx- something I will talk about in a future post- on sale for

€6.99, used it once, and went back the next day to get another bottle. The packaging on mine has since been

updated but is still beautiful and pricey feeling, and for something that has more of a texture akin to a body

butter than a milk, it's wonderful that it's a tube instead of a pot. As I said it is wonderfully rich so I don't

understand the labelling, but the mixture of Shea butter, almond oil, and pro vitamin B5, means it sinks right

down and leaves zero stickiness, So much so you can get dressed 2 minutes after without transference. The

scent is fresh (the mint), soothing ( the aloe), and musky(the tea). Total steal. Yey me..

4. Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion with Subtle Gradual Tanner in fair to medium 250ml (€6.69).

I live in almost a constant winter, and until the sun decides to make an appearance in April, I must embrace

the pale. But there is pale and then there's translucent. To combat this, I use the still no1 gradual self tanner in

this part of the world (so it says). If it is the case, I can see why. The fair to medium lotion is the perfect

colour for me after an initial 3 applications, and then a top up every third day, The self tan smell is minimal

compared to others, and it does leave my morning skin nice and soft. Also minimal transfer and no cake

hands afterwards, so a must have at this time of the year for me.

3. The Body Shop Olive Body Butter  200ml (€18.95).

It is pricey, but you do get a good amount of product, and if you have normal skin it will last you for ages.

My body is like a pacific sponge however, so I lather this shit on. I would use these butters all the time if I

had the money, over any high end brand out there. They're cult status is well justified. This scent(?), the olive

one, is one of the less extreme of the range. I purchased it back when I stocked up in the summer and am

just finishing it off now. I love it for summer daytime, it makes me feel like a very clean, sophisticated,

cosmopolitan Italian mistress, having a flirty lunch by the Bridge of Sighs. Pazienza..

2. Pantene Advanced Keratin Repair Masque  200ml (€8.99)

I got 6 uses out of this tub. For me, and the amount of product I saturate my hair in for a deep condition,

that's very good. Although it's on the same price point as other high street masques, I can honestly say this

felt more high end, definitely along the lines of L'Oreal Professional or Charles Worthington, if not better. The

packaging is sleek, distinctive, and convenient with its flip top lid. The smell is an expensive floral with a hint

of sour and lasts well into the next day. And the product itself, which claims it repairs 2 years in 2 minutes

(whatever), is fantastic, really moisturising without being heavy, and no need for detangler afterwards.

I think it's new, correct me if I'm wrong, but a definite repurchase for me.

1. It's A 10 Miracle Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin 148ml (€11.56)

Firstly, yes, this is not available over here, the link above is where you can find the product on

This is the closest I can find to an alternative here, with an incredible price increase. It's ridiculous considering

the popularity of this range that it hasn't become available worldwide to stockists. I don't think I've watched

any beauty guru on YouTube that has not adored something from It's a 10. I found this, once again, in TK

Maxx beauty section on sale for €6.99, chi-ching! It's the only thing I've tried from the range.

The packaging is gorgeous, bright metallic blue and orange, and once again, you gotta love tube over pot.

Not too much  to say on the scent, professional if not a little soapy. It's all about how it makes your hair feel.

It's like going back 20 years to my 13 year old self and erasing all of the damage done since then, including

age- temporarily. 10 benefits is tooting its own horn, considering most of them overlap, but I was almost in

tears when I finished my last rationed drop. Goodbye my love..

So, that's my rundown. Any questions click on any of my Check Me Out links and say hi, or leave a

comment down below. I was also thinking of starting a YouTube channel so that should be coming up

shortly. And I'll be having a giveaway tomorrow for subscribers, so make sure to Follow Me to win.

Chat soon,


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