Friday, 28 February 2014

Thirst Quencing: My Current Day Creams

I know at least 4 people with more than 1 phone case. And every man I know who doesn't understand why

women hoard shoes, has at least more than 1 pair of trainers.

So, I don't see the problem with having more than 1 daily moisturiser. It's not as if they're all the same.


Korres Olive and Rye AntiAgeing Day Cream  40ml (€48.20) Tk Maxx find (€12.99)

What's pictured is not what's linked above because it's no longer available, but asking around, the new

formula is supposedly even better than the previous product. I've had mine in a back log of products since

the summer, and broke it out in December when it got really cold here. This product has been given some

grief from what I've read, and yes, the application of it is like putting tar on your face. But when it sinks in it's

amazing. I am ageing rapidly since I hit 30, I'm guessing due to the stress and environment of working in a

kitchen, so I'm currently using heavy duty moisturisers. This feels like it's plumping things up, and holding

everything else in place. It is heavily scented, but in a herbally/organic kind of way. 7/10

La Roche-Posey Rosaliac UV Riche Fortifying Anti-Redness Moisturiser 40ml  (€22.00)                      

Local Pharmacy (€14.00)

Most mornings, I actually have somewhere I need to go- the bank, post office, TK Maxx....

So this causes a problem because I don't like opening my eyes, getting out of bed, boiling the kettle, getting

in the shower..etc. This moisturiser is the solution of band aid pulling my morning. I do everything as quickly

as possible. Before, I would have to stand around waiting for my skincare to sink in, then wait for my primer

to sink in, then wait for the redness caused by all of the above steps to dissipate, Now I slap this on and I'm

ready for foundation. Hydrating enough for under a BB cream for Mrs dry face, no smell (meh), and in a

neat little tube. Excellent for the price,  8/10

No 7 Essential Moisture Day Cream   50ml (€11.75) bought with a voucher (€7.25).

Caroline Hirons, or Oz as she's known in my house, says that you should take your makeup off as soon as 

you get home and apply your treatment etc. So, I do, like a good girl. But some days when I get home it's 3

in the  evening, and the rest of my day includes cleaning, working out, or doin' it... things that will involve me

showering later in the day once again. Therefore, to save my pennies, and my expensive skincare, this is what

I use. There's no bells and whistles on this product, it's your standard vitamin E cream in a nice glass jar. It's

also dirt cheap, especially when you get a voucher at the till, and it keeps me hydrated til all the fancy work

later on. 6/10

So, they're my current daytime potions. Let me know what yours are on any media you like, and any

recommendations for the future.

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